✰spinal fusion surgery packing list!✰

Hi friends! happy thursday! Welcome back to the blog! Today’s post is a complete packing list for spinal fusion surgery! Most of these items can be applied to any surgery too! since summer is coming up, lots of you may be having your surgeries! Let’s hop to it!

~ clothing

  • some comfy, loose-fitted t-shirts! Once you are allowed and able to change out of your hospital gown, you will want clothes that are easy to slip on. it is not easy lifting your arms to put on shirts so you'll need something stretchy or big.

  • comfy shorts, pajama pants, or sweat pants! You’ll definitely want some comfy pants to put on! at first when i was still in my hospital gown, i had shorts on but i ended up switching to a night gown then a t-shirt and shorts.

  • Other clothes/pajamas! I also wore a nightgown later in the hospital and you may want a hoodie if your surgery is in the winter or fall! the hospital is FREEZING so you may want something thicker and more comfy!

  • fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom! When you are walking around the floor, you’ll want socks with grips on them! You can also wear slippers or sturdy shoes. i brought jandels and vans and wore my vans to my surgery and home because they were easy to slip on.

  • Underwear!

~ entertainment- the hospital can be SO BORING so you’re going to want some things to do!

  • Phone and phone charger!

  • Music and earbuds!

  • Movies

  • Coloring books and markers or colored pencils!

  • Computer

i brought my phone, charger, airpods, and movies to the hospital. i got so many coloring books and markers after my surgery so those are a good idea too!

~ toiletries

  • Chapstick! Your lips will be so incredibly dry either because the hospital air is dry and cold or from being intubated in surgery! I will never ever leave my house without chapstick!

  • Ladies, bring feminine products! The stress from surgery can bring on your period and you’ll want your products, not the hospital ones! Trust me! The day before my surgery, my Pre-op nurse told me I definitely would start my period that day or the next just because of the stress from the surgery but I didn’t! Thank God! If you do, the nurses are prepared and will help you!

  • Any face products you use and a toothbrush and toothpaste! I had these and they were so helpful. I didn’t need to get up or use water with them!

  • Shower items, if you are staying for a bit! I personally did not need mine since i was only there for a few days and i wasn't allowed to shower until one week post surgery.

  • A hairbrush! I braided my hair the night before surgery so it would stay out of my face but we eventually took it out and brushed it! my hair was a HOT MESS!

  • Lotion! Oh man again with the dry hospital air, just bring it, you won’t regret it!

  • Dry shampoo- if you can’t shower, your hair can get super oily so bring this to hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a week lol

~ comfort

  • Pillows! -the hospital will have pillows, but you’ll probably want your own! I brought my pillow and I used it when I sat in my spine chair!

  • a blanket and more pillows! The hospital is SO COLD and you will want a blanket or two to snuggle with. Also, you’ll want pillows for the car ride home!

  • Water bottle! This is such a necessity whether you are taking medications or eating lunch, you’ll want a water bottle!

Thanks for tuning in to today’s post! I hope it was helpful! Much love ♡