✰my testimony:)✰

hey y’all! welcome back to the blog!!! today’s post is my testimony! i'm pretty sure only one person knows the whole thing so let’s dive in.

i've gone to church my whole life. i don't know life without sunday school and worship music. i was baptized in 6th grade and freshman year was when i really made my faith my own. that was the first year i didn't live like i was ashamed of my faith. sophomore year, i started to fall away from God and stopped going to Hub on wednesday nights. i didn't notice it at the time but i had pulled away so much that i didn't even believe or act like God was there anymore. that summer i went to Hub camp and experienced the Lord’s presence in a whole new way. i had no idea how much ground i had lost until this one week. when i got home from camp, i was sure i would never go back to to my old way of living. this year (junior year), i have taken so much ground in my faith. this year i have grown so much and i cant' wait to keep growing! through all of my trials this year, i have strengthened my relationship with the Lord to where i don't know what its like to not have a strong faith! The Lord is always chasing after us and bringing hope into our lives!

Thanks so much for tuning into today’s post! Much love ♡