Lil update:)

Hey hey! What’s up yall?? I haven’t posted in fooooorever so here’s a little update on the last few weeks:)

If you haven’t read my update from my last appointment at children’s with the pain management team, you can read it here! It went super well, she prescribed Topamax and sumatriptan for migraines. The next week was my one-year post-op!! Such a huge milestone! We celebrated big and I am so thankful to all of you who celebrated with me!!

The last week has been interesting. My pain has been through the roof which isn’t too normal for me but we are also in the midst of switching up meds. My migraines are not at a good point either. The plan was to have a follow up in November with the pain management team but earlier this week, I got super sick from the Topamax so we are in the process of weaning off of that and increasing my Cymbalta. Hopefully, we are able to come up with a better plan soon! My clinic visit is now in October.

Pt is still going well! Making sloooow progress but still progress! As always, thank you for reading today’s post! Make sure to check out my Instagram here! Much love ♡