✰ health update:) ✰

heyyyy! i just wrote a health update but sooo much has changed in the last few days so let's do this.

on halloween, i had a massive migraine, 10/10, & it wasn't getting any better with my emergency meds so we headed to the er. they gave me a good cocktail of pain meds & fluids & after about 4 hours, i felt a lot better & was finally discharged! i felt better sunday & monday but on tuesday the same thing happened except this time my heart rate was very high. so we headed back to the hospital & they gave me the same cocktail, did a CAT scan, bloodwork, & EKG. we have talked to neurology along with my pain management team & they are having me wean off of cymbalta to see if that is causing my headaches. i have an mri set for thursday & neuro consult on the 17th. i am beyond exhausted from all of this pain & hospital trips. i'm ready to figure. this. out.