✰ health update!!!! ✰

hey friends!!! what's up??? happy hump day!!

today, i had a follow up with the pain management clinic at children's! it went so WELL!! we got there, checked in and got my vitals taken. the nurse took us to a different room than usual. this one had an infusion chair and IV pole but thankfully i didn't need that! the NP was the absolute best! we went over how cymbalta has been and how awful it has been without it. (long story but basically they wouldn't refill it lol) we talked about my headaches and she believes there is a migraine component to them so she started me on two new migraine preventatives and got me more zofran (THANK GOD). she also diagnosed me with chronic migraine so we got another diagnosis to add to the list lol!! anyways, she was the best and super helpful!