✰children’s update✰

hey friends! i had a VERY long-awaited appointment on Wednesday! this was a loooong appointment, ending after 4 hours. we got there, were screened for covid, checked in, and went to the waiting room outside of the pain management clinic. They got us in a room pretty fast too! it was also very weird going to the hospital during a pandemic.

This appointment was pretty helpful and went really well! i met with a pain management physician, physical therapist and psychologist. Each met with me for 30 minutes to an hour so the entire visit lasted four hours. they all came in individually and then all together to discuss the plan for treatment.

first off was psychology. this was super simple and really just went over any stressors i have and how i cope with my pain. She was very kind and helpful! This was the part i was dreading lol.

Next up was the pain physician. my pain dr is SO AWESOME!! he is very thorough and went over all of my symptoms and ALLLL of my history. He is very funny and he is a strong christian which made this whole process much easier!! he talked about what causes my pain and what he suggests. He said that exercise, of course plays a role in managing my symptoms. He also prescribed another medication to try.

Then was the physical therapist! pt was great!! She is super helpful and gave me some suggestions on stretches. She is referring to their other location for pt and aquatic therapy, which should start soon!

Overall, this appointment was a success! I don’t go back to children's until august! Thanks so much for tuning into today’s post! Much love ♡

prayer requests:

we are able to find ways to manage my symptoms better.

my team continues to determine the best plan for my care.