hello friends! i have a few things i need to update on. this is also for me to look back on:)

first, i have been feeling pretty good overall with a few bad days in the last week. i am continuing treatments and still getting massages every ~10 days. with each headache comes nausea and dizziness:((.

i've been dealing with some new symptoms like shortness of breath, and more chest pain and i'm definitely going to bring this up at my next appointment!

t minus 9 days until pain management appointment (^^) at children's with the new team. i’m beyond nervous but very hopeful that they will have they have the right tools and knowledge to do what’s best! it'll be a pretty long appointment and even longer depending on the tests they want to do. i am planning on writing a blog post all about this appointment and the next steps we take so look out for that!

prayer requests:

  • that my doctors will continue to determine the best plan for my treatment and care!

  • i continue to feel at peace and involved with the decisions my team makes!

  • the Lord continues to show his love through the situation!