hey y’all! i wanted to hop on here and give a quick update!

my pain levels have been ALL over the place. some days i feel like i ran a marathon the day before and others i feel pretty normal. that’s chronic illness for you! my fibromyalgia flared last week but atm i feel okay. my headaches have been pretty average some days they are bad but i got a massage the other day so i still have some relief from that! dysautonomia wise i’ve been dealing with quite a bit of livedo reticularis. my heart rate and blood pressure have actually been good and i’ve only blacked out and had pre-syncope a hand full of times last week! *thats an achievement lol*

amidst all of the corona craziness, I have still be able to go see my massage therapist to keep my tension headaches at bay! my pain management appointment is still set for early june mainly because they are doing telehealth appointments to keep up so mine should stay scheduled! I haven’t seen my rheum in a bit (abt six weeks) since there isn’t much she can do. i’m honestly loving this break from medical chaos! little to no appointments, no blood work or tests, so nice!

on a non heath note, i am announcing the most exciting announcement on my insta tomorrow! if you don’t follow me on insta click (HERE) to check it out!

much love ♡