10/13 appointment update

hi friends!!! so sorry i have been MIA on the blog lately! my symptoms & pain have been kicking my butt! back in september, i had a little mishap with topamax, a migraine preventative, so my pain management doctor wanted to see me this month. after talking to my pt about how my symptoms had been & she could feel how tense my occipital nerves were, she messaged my doctor to try to get me in earlier. i met with my doctor on the 13th and we discussed my head pain, nausea and how my meds were no longer making a difference. my bmi is also now in the area of ed treatment. that is terrifying, but you know why?! because the dumb migraine meds i’m on cause decreased appetite & weight loss. she decided it was time for occipital nerve blocks. after talking to my pt, i knew my dr was going to bring up nerve block injections & that was the next step. it’s just not what i wanted to hear. I'm nervous to say the least. but I'm SO hopeful!!!! my procedure date is november 18th!! so pray pray pray this works!!